Leather Conservation Centre

2CRC specialize on conservation, restoration and study of objects made of LEATHER and SKIN.

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Expertise and Assistance

2CRC works to conserve, restore and study leather heritage,
Our many years of experience enable us to offer cutting-edge expertise.

Expertise and Assistance

Gilt Leather Conservation

A specialist in conservation and restoration of gilt leather

Recent projects

Archaeological Leather Conservation

A specialist in conservation, restoration and study of archaeological leather objects

Recent projects

Ethnographic Leather Conservation

A specialist in conservation and restoration of skin and ethnographic leather

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Upholstery Conservation

A specialist in conservation and restoration of leather upholstery

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About us

Workshop was created in 2002 by Céline BONNOT-DICONNE, graduated leather conservator, accredited by the French Museums, and ancient fellow at the French Academy in Roma (Villa Médicis) (www.villamedici.it).
Customers : National Museums, Historical Buildings services, Regional Heritage services, towns and private owners. She is assisted by Marie Heran.


and recent projects

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Maître d'art

On the 1st of September 2015, Céline Bonnot-Diconne has been appointed "Maître d'art" by Fleur Pellerin, French minister of Culture and Communication. The "Maîtres d'art" are skilled professionals reputed for their rare and remarkable know-how and their commitment to transmit their knowledge to a disciple. (Read more :www.maitresdart-eleves.org). Marie Heran was her disciple from 2015 to 2018.

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The show / Rhône-Alpes Matin
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Since 2011, Céline Bonnot-Diconne has been involved in several research projects on gilt leathers:
- Gilt leather(www.crc.mnhn.fr)
- Workshop on gilt leather study CORDOBA : thursday the 15th of october 2015, Musée national de la Renaissance in Ecouen(www.crc.mnhn.fr)
- CORD'ARGENT project : gilt leather, characterization of the silver foil, possible indication of the origin and corrosion mechanisms(www.crc.mnhn.fr)

The workshop

Built in 2005, 2CRC is located in a building specially designed for conservation requirements. The 185 sq. air-conditioned area is at ground-level. A carriage door allows an easy access to the workshop that is divided into several rooms : « dry leather » area (100 sq.), « waterlogged leather » (35 sq.) with a freeze-dryer, freezer, fridge, and large sinks ; strong room ; office and meeting room.

Technical Means

The workshop is perfectly equipped for restoration and conservation purpose: day light tubes, solvents cupboard, air extraction, lifting devices, suspension bridge, table on wheels, photo studio, laser Nd-Yag, etc. Emphasis was put on security with fume detectors, fire extinguishers, bars on windows and a strong room (10 sq.).Insurance: Gras-Savoye (Fine Arts)