Céline Bonnot-Diconne has a Master degree in Conservation since 1994 (Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne University). She also graduated in Archaeology (Master degree, Lyon II University). She has been coordinator of the ICOM-CC Leather & Related Materials Working Group (2011-2014 period), Fellow at the French Academy in Roma (2011-2012) and is now Maître d’Art since 2015.

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She is frequently teaching in conservation schools, already published many papers and has received several rewards :
- Maître d’Art since September 2015, title received from the Ministry of Culture (Mrs Fleure Pellerin, French minister of Culture).
- Fellowhip at the French Academy in Roma, Villa Médicis, from the 1st of April 2011 to the 30th of September 2012. Link to Villa Medicis.
- Laureate of the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation for Vocation. Promotion 1994. Sponsor Philippe Noiret.
- 3rd prize of the Gold CA 2005, Economic Category, allocated by the Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône-Alpes Bank.
- «Prix Rhône-alpins du Patrimoine » : « Savoir-faire » distinction (2005).
- Laureate 2004 of the « Jeune Artisan d’Art », prize allocated by the magazine Pèlerin

Link to to Céline BONNOT-DICONNE CV (PDF) and list of publications.



Marie HERAN graduated in 1996 from the Maîtrise de Sciences et Techniques de Conservation-restauration des Biens Culturels (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University). She also has a Master degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology (Grenoble I University). She works since 1993 in the field of archaeological conservation and more especially in organic materials since 2004. In 2015, she became officially « Pupil » of the « Art Master » Céline Bonnot-Diconne thanks to the Ministry of Culture.

Link to Link to Marie HERAN CV (PDF)

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Amongst our customers

2CRC is working for public and private customers.
Musée du Louvre, PARIS (75), Musée national de la Renaissance, Ecouen (95), Mobilier National, Paris (75), Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris (75), Musée du Quai Branly, Paris (75), Musée national de la Malmaison, Rueil-Malmaison (92), Musée de la Houille Blanche, Villard-Bonnot (38), Musée d'Art et d'Industrie, Saint Etienne (42), Musée Dauphinois, Grenoble (38), Muséum des Confluences, Lyon (69), Musée Gadagne, Lyon (69), Musée des Beaux-Arts, Dijon (39), Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rennes (35), Musée de l'Éphèbe, Agde (34), Château de Maintenon (28), Château de Chambord (41), Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire (41), Musée Anne de Beaujeu et Maison Mantin, Moulins (03), Château de Montal, Saint Jean Lespinasse (46), Château de L'Isle, Suisse, Château de Châteaudun (28), Château d’Azay-le-Rideau (37), Musée des Sapeurs-Pompiers, Lyon (69), INRAP Grand Est, Eveha, Château de Bourdeilles (24), Château de Hautefort (24), Musée des arts décoratifs, des arts et de la mode, Château Borély, Marseille (13), Musée National du Château de Pau, Pau (64) , Musée Estienne de Saint Jean, Aix-en-Provence (13), Musée international de la Chaussure, Romans (26), Musée d’art Roger Quilliot, Clermont-Ferrand (63), Musée savoisien, Chambéry (73), etc...

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The workshop

Built in 2005, 2CRC 2CRC is located in a building specially designed for conservation requirements.

The 185 sq. air-conditioned area is at ground-level. A carriage door allows an easy access to the workshop that is divided into several rooms : « dry leather » area (100 sq.), « waterlogged leather » room (35 sq.) with a freeze-dryer, freezer, fridge, and large sinks ; strong room ; office and meeting room.

Photo restauration 2crc

Technical Means

The workshop is perfectly equipped for restoration and conservation purpose: day light tubes, solvents cupboard, air extraction, lifting devices, suspension bridge, table on wheels, photo studio, laser Nd-Yag, etc. Emphasis was put on security with fume detectors, fire extinguishers, bars on windows and a strong room (10 sq.).Insurance: Gras-Savoye (Fine Arts)

Photo atelier 2crc
Photo restauration cuir 2crc
Photo restauration cuir 2crc


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2CRC is connected to a collaborators network which allows him to answer, as teamwork, to any kind of issues on composite and large scale objects. He is also working in collaboration with scientists, art historians and labs.
- CRC, centre de recherche sur la conservation, CRCC staff, « Leather » department directed by Laurianne ROBINET (www.crc.mnhn.fr)
- Stéphane CREVAT, metal conservator (www.arlliage.com)
- Isabelle DEVERGNE, painting conservator, carriages heritage
- Jean-Pierre FOURNET, art historian, gilt leather specialist
- Catherine GAMBY-GARRIGOS, painting conservator(www.restauration-peintures-gamby.com)
- Philippe HAZAEL-MASSIEUX, cabinetmaker, wood conservator
- Martine LEGUILLOUX, archeozoologue and archaeological leather specialist (www.centrearcheologiqueduvar.over-blog.com)
- Valérie MARCELLI, textile conservator (www.crrcoa.fr)
- Caroline SNYERS, painting conservator (www.ateliercarolinesnyers.fr)
- Sabrina VETILLARD, wood conservator
- Céline WALLUT, textile conservator
- ARC-nucléart, regional conservation workshop, specialized on waterlogged organic materials, gamma radiation, analyses (www.arc-nucleart.fr)