Ethnographic objects :

  • • leather goods,
  • • boxes,
  • • musical instruments,
  • • gloves, clothes,
  • • trunks, cushions,...

Sometimes made of leather, usually made of skin, ethnographic objects need meticulous conservation.

Varied decoration techniques

The conservation methods must take into account different kinds of decorations (pigments, pearls, gilding, embroidery, porcupine spikes…).

2CRC has a wide network of collaborators to act on metal, textile, wood, etc.


Objects are systematically photographed before, during and after conservation. Each object is returned with a complete documentation explaining in detail the techniques employed and the materials used.

Conservation of a goatskin from Bonaparte House in Ajaccio

This goatskin, ligated to the legs and head, was padded with plant materials (straw, wooden chips). The object is very dusty and very dirty. It has significant gaps, with dark and brittle edges (burnt?). Filling materials escape from these openings: the object is very difficult to handle. As the object is on permanent display, it was necessary to perform cleaning and consolidation.

Dating: 19th century.

Photo 1 : Conservation of a goatskin from Bonaparte House in Ajaccio Reconstitution de portions disparues
Photo 2 Before conservation
Photo 3 After conservation